This package is designed for traders who do not have time to track the market on daily basis and also do not want to get involved in intraday trading. For these traders we provide calls for delivery for 3-4 days and they get substantial return from their holding considering the risk they bear by keeping position hold and also the delivery cost and interest cost for the period they hold the scripts.

Service Features

  • We provide you around 12-14 cash positional based Calls in a month
  • Holding period will be of one week
  • Recommendation are provided through email
  • Weekly news letter with updates about market activities
  • Recommendations are generated in NSE.

2. SMILES (Systematic Monthly Investment Linked to Equity Shariah)

As the name suggest is a convenient platform for an investor to build a portfolio with a systematic investment at regular intervals. At Shariah Tijara certain fixed amount decided by you can be invested in a bouquet of stocks. A SMILES helps you invest a fixed amount regularly at specified frequency; for example weekly or monthly. It is a simple method of investing and is used across the world as a means of long term goals. Invest in a disciplined manner in Blue-chip companies through Ripples Advisory Pvt Ltd (SMILES) is a simple disciplined approach towards investment. It is a viable option because of rupee cost averaging and with not having to time the market


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