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Grievance Redressal Mechanism

As an organization which focuses on client delight and not just satisfaction, we will offer following process to redress complaints. Grievance Redressal Mechanism

Level 1:- All the clients having complaint regarding any service or otherwise shall inform our customer service desk by writing mail to our E-mail ID .To ensure timely recording and recognition of the grievance, the respective executive shall revert within 5 working days w.r.t redressal of such complaint.

Level 2:-In case the client will not satisfied with the response, the complaint can be escalated to Mr. AJEET PRATAP SINGH (Compliance officer) at our organization. He can be approached at .He shall ensure best possible redressal within a time frame of 7 working days.

Level 3:-If the client still wants to escalate the complaint, he/she can approach through E-mail He being the highest authority at our organization can redress the complaint in the best possible manner. He shall revert the client within 15 working days.

Please note that in case client marks a copy of mail to all the levels, it will not be considered as escalated matter, it shall in any case start from level 1 and only in case of a separate mail after expiration or reply from the previous level shall the complaint be considered at next level.